The start of year 2016, is the beginning of new organization of the Group IMPRESA, now lead by the CEO Francisco Pedro Pinto Balsemão, more adapted to the challenges which the media companies are facing.

The SIC soap’s ‘Coração D´Ouro’ and ‘Mar Salgado’ won the gold and bronze medal’s, respectively, on the Novela category, at New York Festival's World’s Best TV & Films℠ Gala, which occurred in Las Vegas. Was the first time, that soap’s produced in Portugal were in the final of this festival, in a competition with productions from about 50 countries.

IMPRESA has created a new online platform that gathers all of the Group’s creative outlets. Impresa Media Criativa’s main objective is to have an interaction platform with the market. - B2B, meaning advertisers and current and potential agencies.

In 2016, SIC became the first national television to offer its general interest channel and all its thematic channels in High Definition. SIC channels were made available in HD format, in all national operators, on October 6, the day SIC celebrated its 24th anniversary.